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Mamajeva Sloboda

Ukraina est Terra Cosacorum (Ukraine is a Land of Cossacks), Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan the French engineer and cartographer said in middle of XVII century.

Thats why seven kilometers from Khreshchatyk all round the historical hole of the Lybid River head an open-air museum a Cossack village MAMAYEVA SLOBODA has been located. Its thematic exhibits over 9 hectares site include a full replica of a historical settlement, which according to official documents represents Ukrainian nature, architecture and way of life.

Over three hundred years ago this land in the possession of St. Michaels Golden-Domed Monastery. In the oak-grove above the Lybid River head approximately in the same place of the present Mamayeva Sloboda the monastery apiary with a farmstead and a pond was situated.

Few centuries have passed and again on the hills around the Lybid River head we can see the picturesgue holts that as scrub hedgerows twine about meadows, creating a landscape with a typical for the Dnieper Ukraine unigue view of valley.

Now among the curly cherry orchards, surrounded with wattle fences, a Cossack village, called Mamayeva Sloboda, stands on.

In the center of the architectural ensemble, which consists of 98 units, a Cossack three-domed wooden church with a bell tower is located, founded in the name of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin is similar to the one at Zaporozhian Sich in the days of Bohdan-Zinoviy Khmelnytskyi.

Near the main entrance gate a mound raised with a Scythian statue of Mamay on the top. Not far from the church a windmill - a symbol of a peaceful agricultural Ukraine overlooks among a small field of wheat. Then there one can see the estates of a Churchwarden, of Cossack-armour-bearers, of the Cossack units foreman, of a blacksmith with a smithery, of a potter with a pottery, of a fortune-teller; a Jew vendors tavern, an apiary and a watermill as well, - all of them overtop two rushy lakes covered with water lilies. The estates consist of different buildings according to their household functions. They are: storehouses, sheds, stables, cellars, cattlesheds, barns, cart-houses etc. This traditional Ukrainian landscape is supplemented with the Marketplace, the Military chancellery and a Cossack garrison.

The objects of the Mamayeva Sloboda would be used with the help of reproduction of the lively history as close as possible to its original functions, namely, to popularize and revive the original Ukrainian folk traditions, customs, rites, forgotten work skills and crafts.


The excursion office operating time is:

from 10:00 a.m. till 6 p.m. daily.

The reservations for organized groups and individual visitors can be made by phone or in person. The date and the time of the excur­sion are agreed when making reservation at the excursion office. The payments for the excursions are made for cash at the cash desk or by non-cash payment.

The tour topic is: 'Ukraine is a Land of Cossacks' (the history of Ukraine of the 17th -18th centuries). During the tour tourists will have an opportunity to become familiar with the unique architectural ensemble and the natural environment of the open-air museum, to visit the stauropegial church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, the estates of a Churchwarden, of a Blacksmith, of a Potter, of a Fortune-teller, of Cossack-dzhura (Cossack armour bearer), of the Sotnik (the Cossacks superior) and a shynok (Ukrainian restaurant).

Mamajeva Sloboda proposes:

  • Excursions and folk craft master-classes (master-class with a potter, a blacksmith, a weaver, preparing vareniki, baking larks-formed biscuit and honey cakes);
  • Bow shooting and master class in fencing;
  • Horse-riding;
  • Driving a horse-drawn carriage;
  • Horse-riding show Ukrainian Cossacks;
  • Firing a salute from Cossack cannons;
  • Folklore group performance and master-class in Ukrainian traditional dancing;
  • Folk music orchestra (live music);
  • Ukrainian cuisine restaurant Shynok - Kosa nad charkoyu (Scythe over goblet);
  • Recreation in nature near the historic source of the Lybid river;
  • Arrangement of genuine Ukrainian weddings and banquets according to traditions of central Ukraine;
  • Restoration of Ukrainian traditions and rites according to calendar cycle;
  • Arrangement of cultural and art events;
  • Ethnology lessons.

On the territory of the Mamajeva Sloboda ONE SHOULD REMEMBER:

- not to litter and smoke;

- not to burn or spoil the exhibits;

- not to gather or destroy plants;

- not to lead or bring dogs or other animals;

- not to make up a picnic or a fire.

Photographing or video filming is paid additionally and should be approved by the administration.

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